can cotton be sublimated?

by Inkraz Store on January 28, 2021
If there is a star question in the world of sublimation, it is undoubtedly: Can cotton be sublimated?

If you already have a journey and experience in customization, you will know that the answer is that you cannot sublimate cotton because the molecules of the sublimation ink and the molecules of the cotton repel each other and therefore the ink does not adhere to the fabric. . Neither can dark garments be sublimated, even if they are made of polyester because sublimation inks are water-based, which gives them a transparent finish, so that they are not seen on a dark background because the inks do not have opacity.

However, for a short time there have been alternative solutions to be able to print on cotton with your sublimation equipment. If you want to discover what they are, keep reading the post and discover how you can finally customize cotton shirts.

1. Sublicotton paper
This solution is suitable for white or light colored cotton fabrics. Sublicotton paper consists of a transparent polyester sheet that is ironed on the shirt that you want to personalize and then the sublimation paper is ironed on the polyester and the sublimation ink is fixed.

It has a good touch and its resistance to washing is medium-low. Due to color fading with washes, this paper works well for personalizing vintage-style shirts. It is also a good choice for lightly used items such as t-shirts for events and parties.

2. Subli-Flex paper
This solution is a printable paper with sublimation inks that you can apply on light or dark cotton shirts. You can also apply it on denim and leather.

This paper has much more durability than a transfer paper and the colors are much more vivid and defined. It is like a very thin patch that is placed on the fabric, which gives it a somewhat laminated finish similar to the transfer but is still pleasant to the touch. Its finish is shiny and does not crack when stretched since it is elastic. You can give it an extra glossy finish using a sheet of silicone paper.

3. SubliTex
SubliTex is a textile vinyl printable with sublimation inks. It has an opaque white background on which you must directly print your design with your printer. Later you will only have to cut it and iron it on the garment.

This vinyl can be used on any color and in addition to cotton you can apply it on polyester and acrylic.

Its finish is matte and similar to denim. Offers good durability to washings.

4. Subli Flock
This solution is also a textile vinyl printable with sublimation inks. It can be applied on cotton and polyester of any color and its particularity is its touch, since this vinyl is velvety or «peach skin».

This vinyl is great for logos and badges. Also looks great on sweatshirts. You can also apply it on polyester and it has great durability.

5. Metallic Vinyl
This sublimable vinyl with a metallic finish is perfect to sublimate dark garments in a very original way. You can apply it on all kinds of fabrics and colors. Make the most of your sublimation equipment by creating unique and different garments with this material.

6. Thermo-adhesive fabric
This other option is a sublimable fabric that adheres to cotton fabric of any color. It integrates very well into the garment thanks to its elasticity and touch. In addition, this fabric has very good resistance to washing.

7. SubliMagic
We already talked to you in depth about this solution in this other post a few weeks ago. It is a system that consists of a special paper printable with sublimation ink and polymer powder for use on white or light colored cotton. SubliMagic offers a very good finish and final touch.

All these solutions have their different application process, durability, feel, cost and print quality, so it is best to try them all and decide which one best suits your needs. That is why we have created a starter pack with all these solutions and you can try them at a low cost.

We hope as always that this post has been useful to you. You can tell us in comments if you have bought the pack and which technique is your favorite. You can also leave us your doubts and we will solve them.

See you in the next post!